Investment Planning

A properly executed investment strategy should align and coincide with your risk tolerance and what you want out of your money in the future.

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We are in strategic partnership with SEI Private Trust Company who provides:

  • Custodial and personal trust services, primarily to high-net-worth individuals, and custody services to institutional investors.
  • This allows us the opportunity to provide a unique option to individual investors, like you, to benefit from institutional money management expertise on a retail level.
  • SEI is a global provider of wealth management solutions now for over 50 years and has created innovative solutions to meet the needs of managing wealth.
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SEI's wealth management solutions are made available only through selected advisory firms, such as ours.

SEI’s Enhanced Services Offer:

  • Significantly more value than simply providing investment advice or risk analysis.
  • Offer institutional money managers on the retail level.
  • Operational efficiency, resulting in lower fees and an increased focus on risk management protection.
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Wealth and Retirement Investments, Inc. is an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm in TN. Therefore, are Investment Advisors Representatives or a fiduciary.

As a fiduciary we are required to act in the best interests of our clients when providing financial advice even if those interests conflict with our own. It’s a legal and ethical distinction that holds financial advisors to the highest standard of care.

At Wealth and Retirement Investments, we help you navigate the investment process with both the ending and beginning in mind designed for strategic growth to possibly achieve both short- term and long-term success.

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To learn the important differences between a fiduciary and a broker

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To learn if your current investment person is a broker or a fiduciary

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A critical part of owning the right investment is to match your portfolio to your risk level. These short 10 questions will give you your risk tolerance score.

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