Long Term Care Planning

We believe Long Term Care Planning is often an overlooked component of a successful Enhanced retirement plan. Long Term Care is given in a Nursing home, Assisted Living facility or at home. Approximately 50% of care is at home where 66% of caregivers are family members*.

Long Term Care Planning Img 1.png

LTC planning is an important aspect of strategic financial planning. A plan can:

  • Help preserve your savings and assets
  • Maintain more financial independence – avoid burdening your loved ones
  • Gives you the ability to access quality care – freedom of choice
  • Provides confidence for you and your family

Steve Vasgaard is a Certified Long-Term Care Professional (CLTC®). Steve specializes in cost- effective ways to help safeguard your family, estate and retirement from risk with a customized plan designed to meet your needs.

*Source: The American Association for Long Term Care, January 2019