Retirement Income Planning

We believe confidence is by far one of the most important benefits of retirement planning. A properly designed retirement income strategy can create a comfortable, worry free – and – fun retirement for you

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As a team we bring to you the wisdom, knowledge and experience of a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®), Certified Long-Term Care Specialist (CLTC®), Life Insurance Agents, Medicare Representatives, alongside counsel from an attorney, CPA and other skilled professionals as needed. Together we can help develop a financial plan created specifically for you with your retirement dreams and goals in mind.

We do Enhanced Retirement Planning where we coordinate and employ financial strategies using a macro financial model where one may retire on their terms.

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A few of the strategies are:

  • Maximizing income from your assets.
  • Determining when to claim your Social Security Benefits.
  • Create a stable guaranteed income to cover minimum lifestyle needs.
  • Tax and distribution planning to help increase income after taxes.
  • Help protect your income and assets from bear markets and corrections.
  • Asset insurance to possibly increase income and provide a better legacy
  • Use a macro financial model to help build your plan
  • Etc.

While there are no guarantees in life, planning for income security is at the foundation of a retirement plan. Together at Wealth and Retirement Strategies we can help you plan for and mitigate future financial pressures and stresses that can threaten your retirement nest egg.

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